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Hong Kong’s cuisine

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Share Culture with Friends

POSTalk presents some irresistible, unique paper art puzzle card ideas with this collection. Now you can assemble and customise your cards and incorporate your creation into a unique piece of paper art.

Hong Kong Cuisine

Inspired by traditional paper art, POSTalk paper art puzzle card is integrated with Hong Kong food's culture element, showing an unique and exquisite paper art.

stunning moment

Made In Hong Kong

POSTalk products are manufactured by Hong Kong Sheltered Workshop where our fellow citizens with disabilities are instructed and trained on product packaging; basic equipment operation and quality control. All parts are assembled by hand.

Made in Hong Kong

Designed In Hong Kong

It is the unique combination of traditional paper crafting and Hong Kong's cuisine cultures. All the creative elements are generated by our local innovative designers

designed in Hong Kong

Paper Art Puzzle

With the instruction and small tools, you can assemble the paper art in any position. It develops your creative thinking.

POP-UP Function

Share Your Feeling

You can write down your feelings, memory, greetings and share it to your friends

share your feeling

Send To Home

Share Hong Kong's Cuisine Culture to home with your greetings.

share your feeling

Paper Art Puzzle_card

Hong Kong's Cursine

It combines the beauty of traditional Chinese paper craftsmanship with Hong Kong local cultural elements.
We are HongKonger!

POSTalk Hong Kong Hot Pot

Hong Kong Cursine Series

BA-06 Hong Kong Hot Pot

POSTalk Hong Kong Egg Puffs and Waffle

Hong Kong Cursine Series

BA-07 Hong Kong Egg Puffs & Waffle

POSTalk Hong Kong Wonton Noodles

Hong Kong Cursine Series

BA-08 Hong Kong Wonton Noodles

POSTalk Hong Kong Street Food

Hong Kong Cursine Series

BA-09 Hong Kong Street Food

POSTalk Hong Kong Dim Sum

Hong Kong Cursine Series

BA-10 Hong Kong Dim Sum

POSTalk Hong Kong Style Café

Hong Kong Cursine Series

BA-11 Hong Kong Style Café